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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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courts today have fled turkey after dick during the coup with a helicopter is stolen by the turkish army so turkish government and turkish course have been accusing those soldiers for being in a wolves indeed quicksand which was said to be orchestrated by if it's a lucky man a cleric a turkish cleric based in pennsylvania united states so basically turkey has asked many times for extradition of those soldiers but greek courts have denied it and those soldiers have actually applied for asylum in greece the fact is as you know turkey and the e.u. have have signed a readmission emigrate refugee readmission deal a couple of years ago which stopped see it regulate immigration to europe also before that in two thousand and one turkey and greece have signed a bi littrell deal again in that term. in order to stop the irregular immigration
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as turkey is a transit route between europe and asian countries and today during his campaign visit turkey's foreign minister reacted against the greek court's decision saying that it was political and he and knows that turkey suspend this by literal deal between turkey and greece it's a technical issue actually for now we haven't heard any statement by the foreign ministry but according to what we can what we can guess is that it might mean turkey will accept riyadh smits the refugees that are stems back from germany or other e.u. member states but not greece but considering that most of the refugees first settled down and greece as the first destination on their way to europe and this is a critical issue and we are expecting an official statement by the foreign ministry very or assume thanks very much indeed the latest there from istanbul. still to
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come here on the program we'll be live in washington where the japanese prime minister is making his case to the u.s. president ahead of next week's historic summit with north korea. and afghanistan announces a temporary ceasefire with the taliban to coincide with the end of ramadan. hello it remains particularly wet in southern china is still going to mainz of a tropical depression which was briefly a stormy sea the circulation has went to high now and and is on its way up into for john however as a matter of rainfall two hundred fifty members is on record for high now and about eighty two currently in hong kong and still raining the circulation is quite obviously there this is on friday and the green represents the rain which talks inland goes through hong kong and then heads out to his shanghai says the southeast
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corner of china you'll see anything up to four hundred millimeters of rain i think when it's all i ever will be obvious flooding from that it's drier inland to get to the higher ground further west and of course southeast asia to peer into china it is that wet time of the year at the moment in fact monsoon rains are making their way up the west and gets in the bloom of occasional showers inland as a result harder drugs have a bit of relief from the heat there's still plenty of rain up in the bay of bengal but it's coming in regular irregular showers at the moment the pretty monsoon heat ahead of it further north through magic pradesh and back up towards central pakistan is still there with temperatures at their worst not only here up to forty eight or forty nine celsius. the i.m.f. said riyadh's breakeven oil price to twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty
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eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. for help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. i don't mind at the top stories here on al-jazeera and the leaders of france and. the head of the g. seven summit on friday. they will try to persuade the u.s.
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president not to impose metal tariffs on his ally. the red cross says it's pulling. out of yemen because of security incidents and threats of mounting a possible offensive by saudi backed forces. deal with. return of refugees and migrants who crossed from turkey it is in retaliation for greece's refusal earlier this week to allow the extradition of. after the two thousand and sixteen. japanese prime minister has just arrived at the white house for talks with the u.s. president elect from its second visit to washington in two months his aim to get some one on one time with the president ahead of those to start talks with north korea in singapore next week it's been an official he joins us live from washington
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and. a very concerned about swear japan stands amidst all these negotiations. exactly he wants to make sure that any deal is good for the whole neighborhood not just for the united states for donald trump and for his b.s. and so he wants to make sure that certain japanese priorities are considered when it comes to the discussions in singapore not least the return of alleged abductor there are many japanese citizens that the japanese see were abducted by the north koreans and also the fact that the north koreans have been developing a medium and long range ballistic missile program which puts most of japan in their flight path and so he wants to make sure that that is considered as well notions e.i.b. it's considered to be slightly more hardline on the position of north korea than perhaps see the president of south korea so he wants to make sure that his concerns are noted by donald trump the could have met at the g. seven but the fact is you see he's here for the second time in just
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a couple of months shows that he is concerned is worried and wants to make sure that he steals donald trump's resolve to raise some of these important questions during the summit and i know we're hearing any more about the summit itself. well we know that the discussions that have been ongoing about the format of the summit are going pretty well you remember that when donald trump initially canceled it a white house person the white house official came out and said there is no chance of getting it back on for june the twelfth no seems that both sides are accelerating that idea there was a concern the last twenty four hours when donald trump's attorney rudy giuliani speaking in israel said that kim jong un came back on his knees begging for a summit now you'll remember that john bolton the national security advisor talked in fairly. interesting tends show we see about how north korea and libya there were
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piles including the removal of moammar gadhafi the north koreans were very angry they said look there's not going to be a summit we're going to walk away from this john bolton has no been sidelined might pompey or the new secretary of state taken on a much more important role and so both sides are there they're talking about how this will all develop another concern of course is the donald trump said if things aren't going well then i will walk out perhaps what the americans are forgetting is that and the north koreans say their leader could also walk if he's not getting what he wants so i suspect there are discussions to make sure that there's enough progress we might not get a final resolution we might not get a huge treaty signing at the end of the talks in singapore but there is enough progress for a second summit and also to make sure that both leaders who can be quite volatile actually stay in the room sit down and discuss things or leave it there for the moment and selling fish in washington d.c. . united nations says she won a rights must be on the agenda at next week's summit between the u.s.
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president donald trump and the north korean leader kim jong un the un's envoy head thomas when tun says too many north koreans do not have adequate access to food with ten million people relying on humanitarian aid and while he welcomed the release of three u.s. citizens last month he said hundreds more presidents should be freed the gesture of goodwill. not the opinion that that human rights dialogue will undermine the opening and the talks under the new credit at all i don't think that he said the limit. on the contrary i think that from then the p.r. side to show a willingness to open to to open up to the human rights make any sense we can give them could the ability in their intentions to engage with different stakeholders in the intention to denuclearize the price. and it will play in their favor definitely
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well let's hear now from our correspondent wayne hay who has more from south korea's capital of seoul. the comments by the special reportorial were clearly an attempt to try to keep the issue of human rights in the mix as the world very much focuses on that summit between donald trump and kim jong un in singapore next week it's not known if donald trump will raise the issue of human rights when he meets with kim jong un but the special wrapper to a thinks it has to be part of the equation particularly when it comes to discussions around economic sanctions against north korea because he believes that sanctions have a direct impact on the humanitarian situation in north korea but there are others who say look you cannot raise this issue directly with kim jong un in this first summit because it is too sensitive for the north koreans and if donald trump does go ahead and talk too much about human rights in singapore then it raises the risk
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of de railing the entire process of improving relationships between the two koreas and between north korea and the united states american government officials are saying that they have been raising the issue of human rights constantly in their meetings with their north korean counterparts in the lead up to that summit next week. at least eighteen people have been killed in baghdad after a stockpile of weapons exploded in the basement of a mosque ninety others were injured in wednesday's blast which destroyed surrounding buildings cars charles stratford reports now from the iraqi capital. the crater and surrounding devastation shows how powerful the explosion was in the heart of sort of a city in north eastern. homes and businesses destroyed. the area is the stronghold of the influential shia cleric. so are you a fool and a little mad that you knew they were missiles grenades and other mena shin stashed
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and they exploded on civilians my son's house was had to be three missiles my son's family was hit his house and his cow were destroyed and some of our neighbors were killed and injured and we appealed to our latest to help us and the peace but guides they need to hold the ones behind this accountable. iraq's ministry of interior has launched an investigation into what it says was an explosion of a weapons cache hidden in a mosque. i have no words left to express this calamity if i start speaking i will lose my temper no cleric or religious man except such think not even an official or an m.p. what did these innocent people do to deserve this people remain scared the entire night other people overnighted in hospitals not to mention young children some were
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gravely injured we don't know who to complain to is it rational to store weapons in such residential area look at the destruction and judge by yourself witnesses say mourners were using a tent after a funeral next to the mosque before the blast they say the heat all flames from cooking in the tent may have caused the weapons to explode other released a statement thursday morning calling the patience and call he said it was important for people not to take advantage of what he describes as the improved security and political situation in iraq because of the setting up of a special investigative committee into the blast and for it to release its findings within seventy two hours. baghdad. the united states as well could be announcement of a temporary cease fire with the taliban by the afghan president the holton fighting is set to coincide with the end of the muslim holy month of ramadan the government says it operations will continue against other groups like isis well jennifer gloss
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has more now from kabul. president gummies announcement of a unilateral ceasefire it seems to be a calculated gamble following on his offer instead of the afghan taliban for unconditional peace talks and a seat at the political table if they came to negotiations so far that hasn't borne any fruits now but he made clear in his announcement that this ceasefire only applied to the afghan taliban afghanistan your movie that the government of the islamic republic of afghanistan announces a ceasefire from the twenty seventh of ramadan until the fifth day if you don't fit are following the historic ruling of afghan religious scholars afghan national defense and security forces will only stop offensive maneuvers against the taliban and will continue to target eisel and other foreign backed terrorist organizations and their affiliates the question is what will the taliban do now will they respect this ceasefire through one of the holiest weeks in the muslim calendar and how will
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afghan security forces tell the difference between taliban fighters and those and other militant groups the president ghani says his army and other security forces will continue to fight. spain's new socialist candidate has been sworn in in madrid includes a record number of women eleven women in fact will take up keep posts included ministers of economy and defense spain now ranks highest in the world for representation of female politicians in cabinet. birdie's president has promised to step down in the twenty twenty p. and a cruiser says he will not seek reelection at the end of his current its decision to run in two thousand and fifteen plunged the country into a deadly political crisis last month constitutional referendum fixes gave the go ahead for presidential terms to be extended from five to seven is it was widely seen as paving the way for a new crew disease to remain in power but he insists he's ready to support the
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newly elected president. opposition politicians in guatemala calling for the head of the national disaster agency to resign accusing it of failing to warn people in time of the danger from the volcano at least ninety nine people are now confirmed to have you have been killed when the volcano erupted on sunday the agency has now suspended search and rescue efforts due to safety concerns they would most reports from the disasters are. trapped in a state of uncertainty the tamal family gathers together to wait for news that their loved ones daughter sons brothers nieces and nephews haven't been seen since the flag of all canines violent eruption now more than three days have passed since the deadly explosions and the family is prepared for the worst. yet on this he say spare sort of thing in a way sixteen people died in the house they were all big brother could even want to
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giving just one single house and they all didn't we still haven't heard anything about them. rather than wait for news out of road decided to join the search he walked for hours to the disaster zone. to get close to his brother's house but the ash was too hot and the house too far up the volcano alberto was forced to turn back but alvarado isn't the only want to put itself at risk to search for his missing family on tuesday we met others looking for answers in the disaster zone. where this man was searching for his pregnant daughter i'm going to me. my daughter lived here nobody has found her that's why we're here struggling to find her her husband of thirteen family members living with them and they're also missing. hundreds of people from the town of san miguel a lot is are still missing but with the meters thick layer of ash and mud carpeting much of the town the hope of finding survivors is gone now the question is how to
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prevent more disasters like this one is demonstrate more so i mean i mean there's a lot of folk anik material that is built up we calculate is around fifteen to twenty kilometers with material this material needs to come out and the more material accumulates it will also have to come out this is a recipient to disaster this tragedy has brought guatemalans together in a country beset by natural disasters uncertainty about the future is one feeling shared by all david mercer al-jazeera a little mango. time for a recap of the headlines here on al-jazeera and that the leaders of france and canada say they will try to persuade u.s. president donald trump to reverse his decision to impose metal tariffs on several allies french president manuel macro and canadian prime minister justin trudeau
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held talks in also ahead of the g. seven summit on friday tensions over trade threaten to overshadow discussions between the seven world leaders macro has warned a trade war will not spare anyone and will hit u.s. workers for. something to pull to keep the complete books only going to be the measure second are counterproductive even for the u.s. economy and for me it's a matter of principle we can't wait to trade war against friends we're all involved in complex syria iraq and subsaharan reach into different areas of the world where allies we exchange critical information or soldiers stand side by side to defend our freedom and a values that we cannot decide in such a context on a trade war or me it's a matter of principle. the red cross says it's pulling seventy one stuff out of yemen because of rising security incidents and threats the aid groups say it will lead the crippled to the crippling of its lifesaving work the concerns are mounting
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of a possible offensive to take the port authority to from who the fight is the saudi led coalition has dropped leaflets on the city calling on people to rise up against the rebels so i suspended the deal with greece which allows athens to return refugees and migrants who've crossed from turkey it is in retaliation for greece's refusal this week to allow d.h. edition of eight turkish offices who fled to greece after the two thousand and sixteen. brandy's president has promised to step down in twenty twenty. says he will not seek reelection at the end of his current term his decision to run in two thousand and fifteen plunged the country into a political crisis at least eighteen people have been killed in baghdad after a stockpile of weapons exploded in the basement of a mosque ninety others were injured in wednesday's blast it happened in the side a city area a stronghold of the nationalists cleric tata. group today with headlines coming up looking at the collapse of the world's population.
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insects make up eighty percent of the species on earth through over two hundred million of them for every human they play a critical role in pollinating crops decomposing waste and supporting food chain.
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but a german study from twenty seventeen has caused worldwide alarm showing that in some areas flying insect numbers of food and by over seventy five percent in the last twenty seven years and humans are to blame if development and pesticide use continue we could soon face what some experts are calling insect to get in the ecological collapse of the insect population whether to how can it would change life on earth as we know it. i mean our beloved home in new zealand where an enterprising group of scientists are bringing a dinosaur era insect back from the brink of extinction and i'm guillory to robbie in great britain to see how overlooked industrial waste lands are being turned into bug reserves.
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new zealand is rich in wildlife and. because of its isolation there are hundreds of plants and animals but it won't hit that i've found nowhere else but human introduced pests have threatened and even wiped out many species one of those in the native white of congo it's one of the world's heaviest in six and has been around for one hundred ninety million years even outliving the dinosaurs they used to be found all over new zealand and now big close to extinction. these amazing aging creatures play a financial role in the go system and without them other native plants and wildlife could also disappear forever. the o'loghlin zoo has launched a set of programs to save the word of congo. starting with a new interactive exhibition that aims to excite the next generation about in six.
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like i was there. featuring a giant tree model in six with educational games and puzzles bug lab shows just how fascinating effects are. double what do you like about the really. easy these are really cool. these children have never seen a way to conquer yet had they lived several generations ago they would have spotted them in the garden. reading center guide coast to the lady explains why we should all care war about on beaches in six there was a mayday and people just dismissed them and i knew that they're really really important for the environment that everything works together like that and sticks with me here how important is it to teach young people about insects whatever fits right for the other ones are going to have to be helping her and her kids and fix
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and stop her coming back into the bike and really connect with them. i have an item and put a number from my view but going to be by traffic so. it's a business can be great for raising awareness for causes but it's just on the other side of the zoo that some really significant work is being done to protect and revive the threatened when a punk i'm meeting ben good with an entomologist at oakland sousa played upon good breeding program hey ben page hi you can think sorry this is where i would have kept. seeing. this is one of the world's only industrialized in sixth conservation programs providing the optimum lines to temperature conditions which upon go to these are the ones that you read so about some adult would appear in here it's incredible. they one of the heaviest and six in the world this isn't at all funny so they don't get too much bigger than us
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which upon the can weigh up to seventy grams that's the equivalent of three small bites to think i can hold her hopes are big shot wow. that's incredible do they do they fly not so they're totally flightless they're not really good kind of they're nocturnal so they're very very well adapted for. predators memos and just now on the mount says that when i started to die out they were considered really common and so the middle part of the ice in hundreds and their humans extremely disturbed misreads a new zealand and one to a century and i split start you heard from one island for the birds the factor being credible why would you say. they have all functions to play in the ecology so it's foliage does mess up players and i was the ground. for a species which i read about in books as a kind of star i feel privileged to be where. the breeding program started in two
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thousand and twelve with. only twelve since then over three and a half thousand in six have been released onto a few key islands which still provide the ideal conditions for them to flourish today bends readying a batch for transport. so they will be the easiest ones to learn because it allows. so this whole thing comes out like hardness that ensures touring and the surprise that you want to be taking to the island yeah once they've got a bit of sauce on them they're a little bit more a boston but if you're going to choose to decide to move just pump you know if you're not sure it was you know yeah that's. right that's the first fail so i just tell here. what's the success rate of fuel rating program it's about eighty percent of all right which is really really good. to see me upset everybody in the uk are sure that. that's what it was going to come to
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the right. sense everything that's going to really smart it's better here. we found three hundred eighty five ways have packed and ready to move it's time to head to the docks. we're off to a private island in the how to keep gulf one of four still hospitable to west. it's a one hour boat journey from the mainland. right ensuite noid to the island's onus of that conservationists who have given their land over to the protection of native species and. yeah yeah yeah right and in. fact have you always been involved in the releases as much as possible in two thousand and three brought in sue finally breed the island of invasive mammals like
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rats stoats and fair. cats making it a safe. we've never really looked at their selves as i mean as more as guardians of this wonderful place that we had privilege of growing up and how does releasing the one upon going to the island actually fit into all of your plans sorry they're critical to the health of the all and nothing exists in our selection so the way to punk one of the missing links for them not only to go through this is part of the jigsaw. crucial piece of the landscape here the young in sixty will need to be handled carefully. selecting the first exports for their new home. how do you choose the thoughts where you release wes's yes so this is one of our early sites here and so we want to look for places got lots of modern spots and some where it's got lots and lots of good food plants as well.
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oh my goodness this is incredible how old is this tree just needed to be about eight hundred years old. you can see the pellet from one of the wood a plant that's not so good ways there around sometimes to take it presents if you can actually find them and that's all this is really important for the ecosystem and yes let's hope it fill in the transfer that is recycling with eating and that's good for them in the soil help finding these droppings isn't totally a sign of a healthy environment but also evidence of an old ready thriving population that was sure the bulk of new comers this is kind of the ideal spot for the best place in the wall and for them to be released into this is good heaps and heaps and heaps of holes for when opponent has one of their preferred food plants they can go from this tree industry as we ride across the whole forest syracuse but a huge crown on. the west who will be released at night when they are most active
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this peak tafe will help us find this spot in the dark later on. i can't believe they have trusted me with phase one of. our ah the start of the release like here yet. you can see a much more active when. this one i'm going to release more on this trial now with more. so how important is it for you to reestablish what a pond a hero it's often because of just giving back something that probably would have been here years and years ago hopefully the droppings well into the forest.
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for once and not on. your skin real soft touch on the back. so how much longer do you think you're retiring may fourth of releases for all but a few more laces today and then after that it's mainly just monitoring the populations. which upon the now exist on for islands as invasive predators us lowly removed from other locations that number is expected to rise the hope is that one day later punk could return to the mainland with a wants thrived. there is certainly the bill for change here in new zealand while people and institutions are taking action in support of native species the government has even committed to rid the country of human introduced pests by twenty fifteen there is still
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a way to go but at least the future is now looking optimistic. plants reproductive cells are found in its pollen. when an insect visits a flower to feed off its nectar pollen rubs off from the male stayman on to the insect and sticks to the has on its body. as insect moves on to another flower grains of pollen are transferred to the female stigma that's when pollination happens so that seeds and fruit produced. around seventy five percent of all crop species require pollination by an animal often insects including beads but also other animals such as birds and bats but two out of five insect pollinators a disappearing.


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